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Always a Spectacular, Show-Stopper for Colt Collectors

"The CCA show guns are always exquisite examples of embellished Colt firearms."

— Rick Bowles, 2018, Colt Forum

The Colt Collectors 2023 Association Show Gun

Our 2022 Show Gun is complete and ready for its debut in Scottsdale, Arizona! This year's spectacular piece was engraved by Master Engraver, Layne Zuelke, of “Southern Custom Engraving” in Baton Rouge, LA. It is a tribute to the state of North Carolina and its early American history dating back to 1585 and the Lost Colony of Sir Walter Raleigh.

Read below to learn more about its exquisite details.

This show gun will be our last auction item in the upcoming All Colt Show & Auction event. Be sure to attend as a CCA Member so you do not miss out on the chance to bid on this one-of-a-kind masterpiece!

Specifications of the 2022 Show Gun

The Colt Collectors 2022 Association Show gun is a 5 ½” Etched Panel Black Powder Frame Frontier Six Shooter in 44-40 Caliber. This magnificent Six Shooter was Master Engraved by Layne Zuelke of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Layne is a FEGA Master Engraver, an engraving instructor, and now a Colt Master Engraver.

"CCA 2022" is masterfully engraved in an early style of scroll defined as Vine Scroll.  It was used in several variations by Hartford engravers throughout Colts history, but specifically in the late 1800s. You can see examples of Vine Scroll reflected in Helfrich and others of that age.  Of the modern engravers, Ben Lane Jr. was especially proficient at interpreting and cutting vine Scrolls on Single Colt Action Armies.  Now, in the modern age, Layne Zuelke has given it a fresh approach with his interpretations.

The Vine scroll is open and flowing, and as its name implies, has a growing life-like effect when properly designed. Beyond masterful engraving, Vine is also one of the most difficult to design.  The various flats, curves, rounds, and odd-shaped surfaces of the Single Action Army demand that the engraver carry out the highest level of artistic design. Mr. Zuleke has done just that, and the result is a beautifully executed Vine Scroll that flows easily and gracefully throughout the various and complicated surfaces of the Colt.

Final finishes also contribute to the overall appeal of Master Engraving. CCA 2002 is blued and gold-plated.  The Cylinder, frame, barrel, and loading gate are blued. The grip frame, ejector housing, ejector head, hammer, center pin, and all exposed screws are gold-plated.  Vine Scrolls cover approximately 85% of the metal surfaces, and all exterior screws are engraved. There are 24K thick and thin gold bands, at the breech and muzzle ends of the barrel.  The Frame is outlined in 24K gold borders throughout, some with floral finals. The stamped barrel address is inlaid in 24K gold surrounded in 24K gold bordering with finials. The cylinder has double gold bands at the rear with scalloped gold checkered details leading to the flutes. Complimentary border treatments are cut between the cylinder bands and at the recoil shield and loading gate heads. “CCA 2022” is engraved into the butt.

The North Carolina Great Seal is engraved into the shovel head, and the State Motto “ESS QUAM VIDERI) is engraved into the hammer base. The Six Shooter is presented in a highly figured American Walnut case by Steven Parker. The case is lined in light green ultra-suede with a nickel-plated key, hardware, and hinges. The case is completed with two lidded inside compartments and a 12 bullet walnut block.  A silver hand-engraved Master Plate describing the project is attached to the inner lid. The gun is fitted with a pair of highly figured smooth American walnut grips.

Participating Artists and Craftspersons

Lane Zuelke | Master Engraver
Baton Rouge, Louisiana — Hand Engraving
John Powers | Pistolsmith
Duson, Louisiana — Gunsmithing, Bluing
Nutmeg Sports
Tolland, Connecticut — Walnut Grips
Reliable Electroplating
Chartley, Massachusetts — Gold Plating
Steven Parker
Atlanta, Georgia — Presentation Case
Michael Dubber | Master Engraver
Master Plate
Charles B. Layson
Project Manager

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An Annual Commemoration

Each year, the CCA selects a Master Engraver to embark on the journey of engraving and presenting a unique gun during our annual show. The engraver volunteers countless hours to create and finely craft the show gun. (Note the exquisite detail and their source of inspiration on the finished gun during the show!) The CCA looks forward to this truly remarkable and original creation that any collector would love to own.

Our board officers and directors would like to thank our Master Engravers for their participation in the creation of the annual show gun.

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