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Advertise with The Rampant Colt

Interested in advertising Colt firearms or Colt-related items? The official magazine of the CCA, The Rampant Colt, is a perfect way to reach out to our members throughout the year. Consider adding your next advertisement today in an upcoming issue.

Rates and Sizes

All-color magazine Size 1 Time 2 Times 4 Times
Inside front/back covers8 ½ x 11 inches*$1,380 USD$1,242 USD$1,104 USD
Full-page8 ½ x 11 inches*$1,035 USD$931 USD$828 USD
Half-page7 ½ x 4 ⅞ inches — Landscape
3 ⅝ x 10 inches — Portrait
$552 USD$500 USD$442 USD
Quarter-page7 ½ x 2 ⅜ inches — Landscape
3 ⅝ x 4 ⅞ inches — Portrait
$276 USD$247 USD$218 USD
* Requires an additional ⅛ inches for bleed

Advertising Deadlines

  Spring Summer
Space reservedJanuary 1April 1
Materials inJanuary 25April 25
Publication dateMarch 1June 1
  Fall Winter
Space reservedJuly 1October 1
Materials inJuly 25October 25
Publication dateSeptember 1December 1

Looking for These Colts?

Sign up today to access our members-only notices on Colts. As a service to our Colt Collectors, we offer this designated column in each issue of The Rampant Colt. If you a researcher looking for a specific serial number Colt, then enjoy this benefit as a member of CCA.

Contact The Rampant Colt

Our magazine is published by:

Jack W. Melton Jr.
Historical Publications LLC
2800 Scenic Drive, Ste 4-304
Blue Ridge, GA 30513

All ad submissions go to:

The Rampant Colt
Historical Publications LLC
2800 Scenic Drive, Ste 4-304
Blue Ridge, GA 30513

Ad Submission

The best way to submit ad material is via the internet composed into PDF files.

Please remember that CCA by-laws require that all advertising be for Colt firearms and related Colt items.

Please note that the resolution of our printing has been increased to 200 line screen. Please adjust your photo resolution to 400 dpi.

Classified Ads are $0.25 per word. Members receive one free add annually.

For additional inquiries, please call or email Jack Melton. Phone: (843) 696-6385 Email: 

Interested in advertising or contributing to The Rampant Colt magazine?

Reach out to the Colt Collectors Association via our Contact form, or Get Started to join our association today.

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