The Elizabeth Colt Legacy Foundation

The Elizabeth Colt Legacy Foundation (ECLF) is a charitable foundation established in 1996 through the Colt Collectors Association and supports causes and organizations that promote and encourage youth participation in firearms training and safety, awareness of the historical significance of firearms in the development of our country, and their heritage to continue this tradition. Donations are given to youth firearms associations and clubs to support their endeavors.

Elizabeth Jarvis Colt - Continued the Colt Firearms legacy after the death of her husband, Samuel, in 1862

The Founding of the ECLF

Twenty-some years ago Karen Green, Kathy Hoyt, Carol Wilkerson, and Jan Quick came up with an idea. They wanted to get the youth of our great country involved in firearms and collecting. A decision was made to call ourselves the “Ladies Auxiliary”. The first step was to find a way to raise funds. As a group, we approached Joe Canali, who at the time was the head of the Colt Custom Shop. A Colt SAA to raffle off was our goal. Joe said he’d be glad to help us, but the Colt SAA would cost $2,500. A small problem arose right away…we have zero funds! General Keys, who was the CEO of Colt Manufacturing at the time, most generously gave us a Colt SAA at no charge and he did so for several years. We will always be grateful for his generosity.

Fast forward…Beverly Haynes (who suggested the name Elizabeth Colt Legacy Foundation), Paul Maxwell, and Wilmer Kellogg joined us. Over the past 17-plus years, we have donated funds to over 50 high schools, colleges, and schools that needed help to get programs started. Some of which have brought home national championships. One of our main donations as the Ladies Auxiliary was $20,000 to the Gene Autry Museum for a children’s education center. We are extremely proud of all these young people.

The ECLF Board of Directors and Officers are comprised of seven individuals all of whom have the same goal, which is to help the youth of America. Everyone works to keep our goals real. Wilmer and Lorena Kellogg could be seen canvassing the CCA Conventions selling raffle tickets. They were quite the salespeople!!!

The ECLF Colt SAA that appears at each CCA Convention is a magnificent piece thanks to the efforts of Carol Wilkerson, Joe Canali, and Beverly Haynes. They do an outstanding job.

Moving Forward in 2024

It saddens us that we have lost two of our board members; Wilmer Kellogg and Carol Wilkerson. They both added so much to the ECLF and will be sorely missed by all. To our board, we have added Gudrun Blancett and Craig Blancett. We are now, once again, a well-rounded board that has the desire to keep the ECLF going forward for years to come.

Special thanks to all of you who have supported us over the years. If you have a group that you would like the ECLF to consider, please let us know.

In Memoriam — 2021

Carol Wilkerson1942-2021

Wilmer Kellogg1932-2021

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