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About Colt Collectors Association, Inc

Our website includes antique and modern gun collections, memorabilia, Colt history and a large network of collectors that share knowledge and information. The Colt Collectors Association (CCA) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1980, is affiliated with the National Rifle Association and was a major donor to the NRA National Firearms Museum. From its initial membership of 42, the Colt Collectors has grown to a 2600+ member international organization. The Association is dedicated to the preservation of Colt firearms and other items produced by the Company, along with the study of the history relating to their development and usage.

The Rampant Colt© Magazine

Throughout the year, the membership keeps in touch through The Rampant Colt©, the official magazine of the CCA. This is a wonderful magazine full of articles, pictures, and advertisements that keep the membership together as a family.

The Rampant Colt© Magazine features:

  • Directory to Articles from Past Issues
  • Collector stories & images
  • Collector and Advertiser Guns
  • Colt Collectors memorabilia for purchase
  • Stay in touch with other members

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