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Colt Collectors Association By‐Laws

Updated May 01, 2022 — To Reflect The Recent 2019 & 2021 Amendments


The name of this organization shall be “The Colt Collectors Association, Inc.”

ARTICLE II — Objectives

To promote the collecting of all types of Colt firearms and other Colt collectible items. To provide a means of exchanging knowledge among Colt Collectors.

To offer an annual itinerant show and meeting for members and guests with an emphasis on a convenient and quality location.

ARTICLE III — Membership

Section 1. Membership is to be obtained by application on a standard form for that purpose furnished by the Association. The completed form must be forwarded to the Secretary along with at least a full year’s dues. All memberships shall run for one year from the date the application and dues payment are received and approved by the CCA Secretary.

Section 2. The Secretary will process each application and issue a membership card. Memberships shall never be based on race, color, religion, age, gender, or national origin. The names of all new members along with city and state of residence will be published in the next newsletter.

Section 3. All new memberships are probationary for a period of one year after application. During this period their memberships may be terminated by a majority vote at a Board of Directors meeting. Any such termination of membership shall never be based on race, color, religion, age, gender, or national origin. All dues paid by anyone terminated during the probationary period will be refunded. The decision of the Board of Directors shall be final.

Section 4. Any member may be terminated at any time for major violation of the By-Laws. If the member has completed his / her one-year probationary period, a 2/3 majority vote at a Board of Directors meeting is required for termination. The members must be given the opportunity to answer any charges either by writing to the President or personally appearing at the Board of Directors meeting. The member must be notified by the President stating the charges at least 30 days prior to the initial hearing. The decision of the Board of Directors shall be final. Dues paid for the current year by any terminated individual will be refunded. If a life member is terminated, the refunded dues will not exceed the amount originally paid by the member.

Section 5. Any current member may have their membership suspended or terminated for a felony conviction by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors has complete discretion with regard to the length of any suspension, the necessity of any such termination and the complete or partial reimbursement, if any, of the membership fees previously paid.

Section 6. In the event that a member’s membership is either terminated or suspended by the Board of Directors, that member shall be informed in writing of this action by a letter from the President or another Board member designated to do so by the Board. The notice shall inform the member of the specific reasons for the termination or suspension, the effective date thereof, and, in the case of a suspension, the length and terms thereof. In the case of a suspension, the Board shall determine whether or not it shall be a private suspension kept confidential by the Board or made public by publishing it in the Rampant Colt magazine for the information of all members. In all cases, the Board shall maintain detailed records of the proceedings which shall be permanently retained by the Secretary. In any case where a termination or suspension proceeding is brought before the Board and the proceeding is either dismissed, not completed, or results in no termination or suspension action after a vote by the Board, that information shall be kept confidential by the Board and not released to the general membership unless the member involved requests such public release in writing to the Board.

Section 7. Once a member has been terminated by the Board of Directors, he cannot reapply for membership within a period of two years; further, he may not attend meetings in any capacity, enjoy any privileges of the Association at any time, as a guest, visitor, or in any capacity.

Section 8. Members of the Colt Collectors Association, Inc., must be at least 18 years of age and a good citizen of their country. They must not be user of illegal narcotics or belong to any organization considered subversive by the United States of America. They must conduct themselves properly and deal fairly and equitably at all functions of The Colt Collectors Association, Inc.

Section 9. Renewal dues should be paid by the member on or before the one year anniversary of the date the member joined the CCA. No member may attend a membership meeting or receive other member benefits unless his / her dues are current. If a member is delinquent of dues, he will be dropped from the membership rolls and must reapply in order to gain membership.

Section 10. A member is responsible for payment of his / her dues whether or not he is notified by the Club.

Section 11. Junior Membership shall be available to juveniles under 18 years of age. The junior member must be sponsored by an active voting member current on Club dues and be willing to assume responsibility for the juvenile’s action. A junior member shall have all the privileges of membership except the right to vote or hold office. Annual Junior Membership dues shall be established at a base of fifteen dollars ($15.00) and may be changed by a majority vote of Directors and Officers at any regular scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors.

Section 12. Life Membership dues shall be maintained in a separate income producing investment grade account. Income only from the investment account may be dispersed to the general operating account for membership support. Life dues are for the sole purpose of providing annual dues’ revenue in perpetuity for life members.

ARTICLE IV — Officers

Section 1. The officers shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Show Chairman, and Publications Chairman: Each of whom shall perform the duties pertaining to their respective offices. All Officers shall be elected for a term of two (2) years. All Officers must be current on Club dues. All Officers are required to travel to meetings at a time and location determined by the President. No more than three (3) “required attendance” meetings per year may be called. Traveling must be done at the Officer’s expense. However, the CCA Board Of Directors may grant a fixed sum stipend to be paid to each officer and director who attends a regularly called BOD meeting. This stipend to be paid fpr up to two meetings per year but does not include attendance at the BOD meeting held at the annual CCA Show and Meeting. No stipend shall be paid for attending the CCA Show BOD meeting. Each Officer and Director who attends a qualified meeting must after the meeting apply to the CCA Treasurer for payment of the stipend. Officers and Directors are not required to apply for the stipend but can do so at their individual discretion. The stipend shall go into effect for regularly called meetings held beginning in 2020. The stipend shall originally be set at the amount of $500.00 per meeting per officer and director. The stipend may be increased as needed by a majority vote of the CCA members in attendance at the annual business meeting at the CCA Annual October Show and Meeting. Each Officer and Director may appoint another Officer or Director as his / her proxy at one Board meeting per year. A proxy may only be exercised in the event that a quorum is not present.

Section 2. The elected Officers and Directors may spend the Club’s money for reasonable Club expenses, supplies, advertising, and fees. All expenditures must be within a budget determined by a mutual agreement of the Board. All receipts shall be forwarded to the Treasurer for reimbursement. The Board of Directors of the CCA may make donations of club money to such individuals and/or groups as they deem are deserving of such. Any donation of CCA funds should be in an amount considered prudent by the Board relative to the general monetary reserves of the Association. A simple majority vote of the total membership of the Board of Directors may authorize donations up to $25,000. Amounts over $25,000 but less than $50,000 must be approved by a ¾ majority vote of the total membership of the Board of Directors. Such votes authorizing donations can only be taken at regular or special actual physical meetings of the Board of Directors. Any donation of over $50,000.00 would have to be submitted to and approved by a majority vote of the general membership at the annual meeting.

Section 3. Officers may be terminated for failure to perform duties, not complying to the Club’s By-Laws, failure to attend meetings or for failure to perform within the best interest of the Club. Any Officer may be terminated by a majority action of the Board of Directors. Resigned officers, officers whose terms have expired and terminated officers must turn over to one of the remaining officers all material, money, valuables, and records belonging to the Club within ten (10) days after notice of termination.

Section 4. In the event of the termination, resignation or death of an Officer, his / her position shall be filled for the remainder of the current term by election of the Board of Directors.

Section 5. PRESIDENT — The President shall work creatively to promote the Club, increase membership and improve the quality of all aspects of the Club. He shall call meetings with the other officers and directors, selecting a time and place of meeting convenient to all other officers and directors. He must preside over the Annual Directors Meeting and regular member meetings; attend all functions of the Club and coordinate closely the planning of Club events. He shall be the Club spokesman on all matters of policy and render decisions on any dispute arising from Club activities. He shall jointly originate and schedule all events taking place at the annual meeting, shows and other Club functions. He shall, with the Vice President and Show Chairman, select an odd number of Display Judges. The President shall appoint all committee members subject to approval by the Board of Directors. The President may enforce the By-Laws at meetings or Club functions or appoint a Sergeant at Arms to do so.

Section 6. VICE PRESIDENT — The Vice President shall carry out the duties of the President during his / her absence. The Vice President shall be responsible for the procurement of the display awards for the Annual Show that have been approved by the Board of Directors. It will be his / her pleasure to present the awards at the Annual Show. He will assist the Show Chairman during the show. He shall, with the President and Show Chairman, select an odd number of Display Judges. He shall instruct the Judges in the rules and methods used in judging. He must verify the winners selected by the Judges and maintain the reports turned in by the judges until the closing of the show. Records shall then be delivered to the Secretary.

Section 7. SECRETARY — The Secretary shall maintain a membership roster, distribute membership cards, by-laws and certificates, and send additions, deletions, and address changes of members to the Publication Chairman. He must collect dues and money from sales of Club items and keep a record of all money received. He must maintain a file of Club correspondence, minutes of meetings and records. He must take minutes at all official meetings. A bond of $100,000.00 may be required of the Secretary.

Section 8. TREASURER — The Treasurer shall keep a record of all financial transactions, give a report at the meetings of and submit his / her records for annual audit as requested by the Board of Directors. He may be required to furnish a surety bond in an amount to be determined by the Board of Directors, the premium for which will be paid by the Association. He shall supervise the collection of all funds daily at our annual show. He must keep financial records of each show and submit a detailed re‐ port showing the number of tables sold, proceeds per table, and name and address of each table holder. Table receipts shall be collected directly by the Treasurer. A bond of $100,000.00 may be required of the Treasurer.

Section 9. SHOW CHAIRMAN — The Show Chairman is responsible for the All Colt Show each year. He must advertise the show properly, provide security, maintain financial records, and turn in to the Treasurer a report within one month after each show. He is responsible for the administration of the show, assigning tables, establishing costs of tables and admission. He must make arrangements for each show. He must keep records of each show and submit these to the Board, to the President and Treasurer. Expenses of each show shall be paid by the Club Treasurer. Receipts for expenses must be turned in to the Treasurer. An additional show may be combined with another specialized collecting club with similar display rules. A bond of $100,000.00 may be required by the Show Chairman. He shall, with the President and Vice President, select an odd number of Display Judges.

Section 10. PUBLICATIONS CHAIRMAN — The Publications Chairman shall be responsible for the production and distribution of the Rampant Colt magazine. The Chairman establishes and maintains contracts with suppliers and is responsible for the advertising and contents of the publication. A five member editorial board, selected by the Board of Directors, shall have policy responsibilities, that the purposes of the publication are to be carried out; to wit: inform the membership of the Association, to disseminate information of a general and related nature, and to encourage research in the field of Colt collecting. The chairman shall establish an annual publication budget to be approved by the Board and may not exceed that budget more than ten percent (10%) without prior approval of the board.

Section 11. HISTORIAN — The Historian shall be appointed by the CCA President subject to approval by a majority vote of the Board of Directors at the next regular meeting after the proposed appointment. The Historian will be the primary point of contact for members who wish to submit questions regarding various aspects of Colt collecting, to include models and variations, parts and service available, markings, manufacture dates, etc. The Historian may answer questions personally or submit them to other members with specialized knowledge in the field at question. When the number of questions and general interest level so warrant, the Historian shall submit selected questions (and answers, if available) for publication in the CCA newsletter. The Historian should be a person with an extensive background and broad knowledge in Colt history and in the collecting of Colt firearms and memorabilia.

Section 12. SERGEANT AT ARMS — Any Officer or Director may be appointed by the presiding officer as Sergeant at Arms to enforce rules at any Club meeting or function.

ARTICLE V — Board of Directors

Section 1. The Board of Directors shall consist of the regular elected Officers, the immediate past President, eleven (11) directors in 2015, ten (10) directors in 2016 and nine (9) directors in 2017. From 2017 on, the total number of directors shall remain at nine (9). The directors shall have three (3) year terms with one-third (1/3) of the directors retiring each year. All Directors must be current on Club dues. A Director or Officer’s absence at three (3) consecutive Board meetings shall place him on immediate probation and possible suspension subject to a review of circumstances by the Board of Directors as the first issue of the next Board meeting. A director or Officer’s absence at four (4) consecutive Board meetings shall place him on immediate suspension, subject to termination by the Board. He may be reinstated by two‐ thirds (2/3) majority of the Board of Directors. The previously mentioned attendance violations refer to the maximum number of violations allowable and in no way prohibit the Board from policing itself for a lesser number of violations.

Each Board Member may appoint another Board Member as his / her proxy at one Board meeting per year. A proxy may only be exercised in the event that a quorum is not present.

Section 2. The Board of directors shall determine all questions of policy and it shall in all respects be the governing body of the Association. The Board shall meet on the call of the President or upon the majority of the Board members. For the purpose of an official meeting, a quorum shall be a simple majority. On emergency business items, a meeting consisting of a simple majority of the total board of directors will qualify as an executive session as long as this number includes at least 3 officers.

Section 3. Directors may be terminated for failure to perform duties, not complying with the Club’s By‐Laws, failure to attend meetings or for failure to perform within the best interest of the Club. Any director may be terminated by a majority action of the Board of Directors. Resigned directors must turn over to an Officer or Director all materials, money, valuables, and records belonging to the Club ten (10) days after notice of termination.

Section 4. In the event of the termination, resignation or death of a Director, his / her position may be filled for the remainder of the current term by election of the remaining members of the Board.

Section 5. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Association shall indemnify its directors, officers, and employees, including persons formerly occupying such positions, against all expenses, judgments, fines, settlements, and other amounts actually and reasonably incurred by them in connection with any “proceeding” as that term is used in Chapter 8 of the Texas Business Organizations Code (including section 8.001(8) therein), and including an action by or in the right of the Association by reason of the fact that the person is or was a person described in that section of the Code. “Expenses,” as used in this Bylaw, shall have the same meaning as in Chapter 8 of the Texas Business Organizations Code (including section 8.001(3) therein). On written request to the board by any person seeking indemnification the board will promptly decide whether the applicable standard of conduct has been met and, if so, the board will authorize indemnification.”

ARTICLE VI — Elections

Section 1. Elections of Officers and Directors shall be at a designated electoral meeting for the year as set by the Board of Directors. An election to fill Directors’ vacancies shall be held annually. The President, Vice President, and Show Chairman shall be elected in even numbered years for a two (2) year term. The Secretary, Treasurer, and Publications Chairman shall be elected in odd numbered years for a two (2) year term.

  • A candidate for an Officer’s position, to be elected, must receive a majority vote of the voting members present.
  • Director vacancies shall be filled by candidates receiving the highest number of votes of the members present on the first ballot. Tie votes shall be resolved by a vote of the Board of Directors at its next meeting.

Section 2. The Board of Directors shall elect a nominating committee of three people.

  • The nominating committee shall slate a minimum of one (1) candidate for each Officer and Director vacancy.
  • Five club members in good standing may nominate a candidate for an Officer or Director. The nomination must be received by a member of the nominating committee in writing sixty (60) days prior to the election. The committee, with the approval of the candidate, shall place the candidate’s name on the official ballot.
  • All candidates must be current on Club dues.

Section 3. An election committee of three (3) people, appointed by the President, shall distribute the ballots based on a computer printout of current and paid-up members; has authority over ballot control; counts the ballots and reports the count to the Secretary. Each person running for an Officer’s position shall be allowed, free of charge, a maximum of a quarter page ad in the June newsletter, and each person running for a Director’s position shall be allowed, free of charge, a maximum of a quarter page ad in the June newsletter; and that any advertising over and above these limits would be at the expense of the candidate. All results of the election shall be open to inspection by any member.

Section 4. Prior to an election each candidate for an Officer and /or Director position will be allowed a maximum of two minutes to address the membership. Nominations will be called for from the floor by the President at the election meeting. All nominees must be current on club dues.

ARTICLE VII — Meetings

Section 1. An official meeting of the membership must have a quorum of at least seventy-five (75) members in good standing. At least one regular meeting shall be held each year.

Section 2. All discussion of new or old business shall be limited to no more than ten (10) minutes per item. Items on the agenda, submitted to the President or Secretary prior to the meeting, will be given preference to any item submitted during the meeting.

Section 3. Rules of order shall be based on “Roberts Rules of Order Revised”.

ARTICLE VIII — Rules of Exhibits

Section 1. Only Colt manufactured firearms; those manufactured by others under Colt patents or firearms bearing Colt’s address may be displayed, with the following exceptions:

  • Directly related items such as knives, swords, badges, or other makes of guns historically associated. Holster, belts, cases, and other items of accessory.
  • Any other item manufactured by Colt and considered collectible.
  • Books, catalogues, advertising and pamphlets about Colt firearms or products.

Section 2. Other collectible firearms may be brought into the show, but must not be displayed openly. This practice must be limited and may be controlled by the Show Chairman.

Section 3. Guns of current manufacture must fall in a collectible category. Collectability will be determined by the Show Chairman with the concurrence of one Officer or Director.

Section 4. Fully automatic guns are allowed only by prior approval of the Show Chairman. Only those considered collectible can be approved.

Section 5. Guidelines for selection of Display Judges: (a) May not have display in competition and (b) Must have knowledge and experience in Colt collecting.

Section 6. The policy of the Colt Collectors Association is to promote and encourage ethical behavior on behalf of the members of the Association. To that end, compliance with the following STATEMENT OF CONDUCT is expected.

That any CCA member will never knowingly sell or display a Colt firearm that has had any or all of the following modifications without full disclosure as to same:

  1. Wholly or partially refinished.
  2. Wholly or partially remarked.
  3. Having major parts replaced, embellished or altered.

This is to say that the authenticity of any Colt firearm will not be misrepresented either through alteration without disclosure, or through false representation of rarity or historical significance.

CCA show table rental will be based on acceptance of the above conditions; non-compliance will cancel rental agreement and may result in removal from the show.

ARTICLE VIX — Safety and Security Rules

Section 1. Each exhibitor shall be responsible for his / her firearms and must have checked each one to ensure that it is unloaded.

Section 2. Semi-automatic pistols that are displayed in the open must have a spacer between bolt and chamber. The spacer can be cardboard, plastic, wood, or any suitable material. Magazine need not be removed. This does not apply to new cased commemoratives or other boxed or cased guns.

Section 3. No gun powder, loose ammunition, explosives, flammable material, primers, or gas shells may be brought into the show. Ammunition considered in the discretion of the Show Chairman to be collectors’ ammunition is permitted, provided it is exhibited in a manner to avoid handling by the public.

Section 4. No pet animals may be brought into the show without prior approval of the hotel management and Show Chairman.

Section 5. No cartridge or charge may be placed in a firearm inside the display room.

Section 6. All exhibitors must have their firearms checked by a security guard and comply with all other safety rules.

Section 7. The Show Chairman or any other Club Officer may, at his / her discretion, enforce the removal of any item that he deems hazardous to safety or security.

Section 8. No exhibitor may be expelled from the show unless:

  1. He refuses to comply with the rules after being reminded.
  2. A loaded firearm is found in his / her area.
  3. He is loud, disorderly, or otherwise disruptive to the show.

Section 9. An expelled exhibitor, member, or guest may appeal to the President for a review by the Board of Directors. The decision of the Board shall be final. The person expelled may reapply to enter the show after one year following the incident.

Section 10. Each exhibitor is responsible for the security of his / her valuables and shall take reasonable care to prevent theft or damage of them.

ARTICLE X — Expenses Reimbursement

All Officers are entitled to immediate reimbursement of money spent directly for authorized operating expenses of the organization or show. All of the reasonable expenses of having a scheduled or special CCA Board Meeting shall be considered “reasonable Club expenses” if they are approved by a majority vote of the Board either after the meeting has been held or are part of and in compliance with a budget for that meeting already approved by the Board. Such expenses may include but are not limited to meeting room rent, equipment rent, food, non-alcoholic drinks, waiters, set-up costs, tips, taxes, printing and any other reasonable related meeting expenses. In the alternative, such meeting expenses can be paid without a ratifying Board vote or pre-approved meeting budget as long as they do not exceed pre-set amounts determined to be reasonable and normal for Board meeting expenses which the Board has approved by majority vote. Such amounts may be increased or decreased from time to time by Board action. The direct payment of such meeting expenses to the provider thereof shall not be deemed to be an improper “reimbursement of travel expenses” to any CCA Office, Director or Member under Article X of the By-Laws. Any Officer, Director or officially assigned member may be reimbursed for supplies and materials purchased solely for the purpose of fulfilling Club duties provided a valid receipt is submitted to the Treasurer. The party must not exceed any budget without Board of Directors approval. Travel expenses may be reimbursed with approval of the Board of Directors.

ARTICLE XI — Political Involvement

According to Texas State Laws of Incorporation, a non-profit organization such as ours shall not engage in carrying on propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, and it shall not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distribution of statements), any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for any public office. Of course, this does not apply to the acts of the Club’s members as individuals.

ARTICLE XII — Club Dissolution

In the event of dissolution of the Club, all assets, after payment of debts and return of funds held in escrow, will be donated to a non-profit, tax exempt club or charity. The recipient(s) of the assets shall be determined by the Board of Directors.

ARTICLE XIII — Confidentiality

The Colt Collectors Association shall periodically publish a membership roster of all members who have not requested that their name be withheld. This list shall include the information as submitted by the members themselves on a form distributed to the membership in a newsletter issue and should include name, address, city, state, zip, areas of interest in collecting, areas of expertise, and telephone numbers; as submitted by the member on the form returned to the Club. If no form is returned by the member, the Club shall publish only his / her name and state.

ARTICLE XIV — Amendments

Amendments may be initiated by any member in good standing but must be submitted to the Board of Directors in writing and must be approved by the Board before being placed on the agenda for a vote of membership. Upon rejection by the Board of Directors, any amendment may be submitted to the membership for vote upon petition of fifty percent (50%) of the members present at any regular meeting.