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Our Most Recent Issue: Spring 2024

Throughout the year, the membership keeps in touch through The Rampant Colt, the official magazine of the CCA. This is a wonderful magazine full of articles, pictures, and advertisements that keep the membership together as a family.

In this Issue:

  • 2 President's and Secretary's Message

    Greeting’s Colt Collectors! I hope everyone had a safe and memorable holiday season; lots of great things are in the works with the C.C.A. We are grinding through the process of digitalizing all the back issues of The Rampant Colt so members will be able to access three decades of information and stories on the website…

  • 3 Officers and Board Directors

    Officers and Directors of the Colt Collectors Association

  • 4 Show Report

    SONGS OF TEXAS ARE FILLING THE AIR!…musings from your CCA Show Team. Deep in the Heart of Texas plans are high in gear for the 45th Annual All Colt Show. Way Down Texas Way the 2024 All Colt Show will soon be happening in a little town called San Marcos, Texas…

  • 6 Show Sponsorship Opportunities

    Sponsorship Opportunities with the Colt Collectors Association

  • 8 "Pretty Boy" Floyd and the D.C. Sellers M1917 Revolvers

    At approximately 11 a.m. on August 4, 1931, Charles Arthur (“Pretty Boy”) Floyd and his partner in crime, George Birdwell, drove up to the Citizens Bank of Shamrock, in Shamrock, Oklahoma. One of the men stayed in the car while the other, believed to have been Floyd, went into the bank, unmasked, and held up the teller, Greta Lewis, and H.A. Sellers…

  • 16 One of My Favorite Colts

    In the early 1980’s, approximately 40 years ago, the manager of my local gun shop called and said I might want to stop by and see a single action Colt that a customer had dropped off to get a hammer repaired…

  • 22 One of My Favorite Colts

    While perusing some of the back issues of The Rampant Colt, I came upon the article “The very rare Colt Richards conversions” (Summer 2021) Part II by Richard Schreiber and John Dussling, which was of great interest to me. Especially the third group of the U.S. Richards…

  • 26 Packing Colt Iron

    This fine Confederate ambrotype shows an early war Confederate soldier dressed in a battle shirt wearing a double roller buckle knife belt with an integral over-the-shoulder strap to support the weight of the massive Bowie knife he displays proudly. The bowie is a rarely unseen double D-guard…

  • 32 Colt Frontier Scouts, Peacemakers, and New Frontiers

    The first shipment of Frontier Scouts in .22 Long Rifle caliber left the factory in November 1957. The steel parts were blued, and the aluminum parts were left “in the white” with the unofficial label “Duotone.” They were fitted with 4 3/4-inch barrels. The cylinders held six rounds…

  • 45 Ben G. Lane Jr. The Gentle Giant of Colt Firearms Engraving

    I met Ben Lane Jr. for the first time in Las Vegas in July 1980. Upon publication of his book American Engravers, C. Roger Bleile invited those of us who were included in the book to meet. His vision was that the group might form an alliance, guild, or organization dedicated to American Engraving…

  • 46 A 101 Ranch Discovery

    During a recent visit to a local antique shop, the owner showed me a Colt he had just acquired but said it didn’t look like any he could find on the Internet. He had purchased it along with some other items at an estate sale, and knowing I was a collector and shooter, he thought I might be able to identify it…

  • 50 Packing Colt Iron

    This extraordinary U.S. contract Colt Model 1860 Army revolver was manufactured in 1861 and is a benchmark example for approximately 129,000 Model 1860’s purchased by the U.S. government as the primary handgun issued to the Federal cavalry from 1860-1863…

  • 52 This We Believe

    We believe in the Colt Collectors Association objectives, and that the collecting of arms and related collectible items is a right guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States…

  • 56 One of My Favorite Colts

    I was 15 years old when my uncle, a cabinetmaker, gave me my first Colt. It was an 1860 New Model Army revolver that he had taken as partial payment for a job he was doing. I was thrilled beyond expression. That pistol began my collecting of Colt percussion revolvers that has continued until this day…

  • 62 The Colt Kiosk
  • 63 Advertising Info

    Advertise with The Rampant Colt — Interested in advertising Colt firearms or Colt-related items? The official magazine of the CCA, The Rampant Colt, is a perfect way to reach out to our members throughout the year. Consider adding your next advertisement today in an upcoming issue.

  • 64 Welcome New Members

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