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Our Most Recent Issue: Fall 2023

Throughout the year, the membership keeps in touch through The Rampant Colt, the official magazine of the CCA. This is a wonderful magazine full of articles, pictures, and advertisements that keep the membership together as a family.

In this Issue:

  • 2 President's and Secretary's Message

    We are in the final days before this year’s convention in Concord NC and it’s shaping up to be a fabulous time!
    Barbara and Earl have worked extremely hard putting the show together and I hope you have made arrangements to be part of it…

  • 3 Officers and Board Directors

    Officers and Directors of the Colt Collectors Association

  • 4 Show Report

    Show Your Love for the CCA: Sponsorship Opportunities for Friday Night Casino Night. Support the Colt Collectors Association Annual Show by becoming one of the sponsors of our Friday CASINO NIGHT. This is also a great advertising opportunity for your company!

  • 6 Auction Update

    The auction this year will begin at approximately 6pm on Saturday, October 8th, following the display awards. All items will be available for inspection at the show and, also just before the auction starts…

  • 7 In Memoriam
  • 8 Elizabeth Colt Legacy Foundation Report

    I feel I cannot write this article without paying tribute to our dear friend and ECLF Vice President, Carol Wilkerson. Carol passed away suddenly after the 2021 CCA Show, and during the months that followed it quickly became apparent how much Carol gave of her time and talents to both the CCA and the ECLF…

  • 10 Historian's Corner

    While some of my prior columns have touched on the basics of, and the techniques utilized in researching your Colt, experience shows that we sometimes miss the forest for the trees…

  • 14 2022 CCA Show Gun Coverage
  • 20 100 Years of Cowboying: Liberty Valance's Single Action Army

    Herein lies the known history and background of a Colt Single Action Army that was shipped to J.C. Petmecky’s shop in Austin Texas, November of 1885…

  • 28 Small Arms Procurement by The New York City Police Department During World War Two: The Colt Commando Revolver

    The history of the Colt Commando revolver is well documented and known to collectors. Charles W. Pate’s work on the secondary handguns of WWII is one of the better accounts of the genesis of this particular arm…

  • 37 A Favorite Colt

    So, I have owned and operated a small local gun shop in south Florida for the past 23 years. As you can well imagine, owning a firearms store has definitely helped to both feed and refine my addiction for collecting Colts…

  • 38 Colt Historian Ron Wagner

    In 1918, as a boy of 14, Ron was first hired under company secretary Arthur L. Ulrich. He started as a messenger and soon moved up to an assistant to the parts and shipping departments. After many years as an understudy to Robert Courtney, Ron was promoted to manager of the parts and research departments…

  • 40 A Favorite Colt

    We have heard countless stories of, “One man’s hidden treasures.” This is true for the events leading up to the securement of a one-of-a-kind treasure tucked away since 1976…

  • 52 Packing Colt Iron
  • 54 The Colt Kiosk

    Interested in Colt pins, patches, and swag? Let us know and we’ll get you items ordered and part of your own Colt-enthusiast collection.

  • 55 Advertising Info

    Advertise with The Rampant Colt — Interested in advertising Colt firearms or Colt-related items? The official magazine of the CCA, The Rampant Colt, is a perfect way to reach out to our members throughout the year. Consider adding your next advertisement today in an upcoming issue.

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