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Our Most Recent Issue: Summer 2022

Throughout the year, the membership keeps in touch through The Rampant Colt, the official magazine of the CCA. This is a wonderful magazine full of articles, pictures, and advertisements that keep the membership together as a family.

In this Issue:

  • 2 President's and Secretary's Message

    Spring has sprung and here in North Carolina, the first indications of summer warmth are knocking at the door. Which leads me to remind everyone to please get your table and hotel reservations in for this year’s convention…

  • 3 Officers and Board Directors

    Officers and Directors of the Colt Collectors Association

  • 4 Show Report

    Show Your Love for the CCA: Sponsorship Opportunities for Friday Night Casino Night. Support the Colt Collectors Association Annual Show by becoming one of the sponsors of our Friday CASINO NIGHT. This is also a great advertising opportunity for your company!

  • 6 Auction Update

    Long before Northern Europeans settled in the Carolinas in the 16th century, the land had been occupied by Algonquian, Iroquoian, and Siouxan tribes of Native Americans, for perhaps 10,000 years. While there were several brief attempts by the Spanish, the first official European settlement in North America was established on Roanoke Island in 1585…

  • 7 Treasurer's Report

    A Review of Financial Statements for the Colt Collectors Association

  • 8 Elizabeth Colt Legacy Foundation Report

    The year 2022 is flying by. Hope this finds everyone healthy and looking forward to the CCA show in Concord. The ECLF has been busy supporting several groups around the United States. It seems like the word is getting out about us, which is great!!!

  • 10 Historian's Corner

    Arguably, diversity of interest is the hallmark of our Colt collecting fraternity, for knows no bounds. Due to the timeliness of its subject matter, the Colt Story, or body of work if you will, has expanded by leaps and bounds since its inception.

  • 14 Favorite Colts of Members

    A Collection of Submitted Articles from our CCA Members regarding their favorite Colts!

  • 24 Arlayne Brown & A Beautiful Officer's Model Target Revolver
  • 30 The Man With the $10,000 Smile: Diamond Ted Lewis
  • 38 The Colt Shooting Master Revolver: A Modern Treasure
  • 52 Packing Colt Iron

    Send us a photo of a Colt in use. A picture of any Colt in hand or in holster by a period individual is acceptable. The more unusual it is, the more interesting it is. The legend of Colt was built by Americans using them over the past century and a half. Let’s pay homage to the old guys and girls who packed Colt iron.

  • 54 The Colt Kiosk

    Interested in Colt pins, patches, and swag? Let us know and we’ll get you items ordered and part of your own Colt-enthusiast collection.

  • 55 Advertising Info

    Advertise with The Rampant Colt — Interested in advertising Colt firearms or Colt-related items? The official magazine of the CCA, The Rampant Colt, is a perfect way to reach out to our members throughout the year. Consider adding your next advertisement today in an upcoming issue.

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