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The CCA is excited to share that Poulin's Antiques & Auctions, the specialty firearms auction house from Fairfield, Maine, will be running this year's auction!

Colt Collectors Welcome Poulin's Antiques & Auctions to Run Auction

When it comes to hosting auctions that feature firearms, there are a few names that stand out in the business. For this year's All Colt Show & Auction event, the CCA has enlisted the help of Poulin's Antiques & Auctions to handle our annual auction event. Highly respected and internationally known in the antique firearms industry, we welcome this fine auction house from Fairfield, Maine, and we look forward to the excitement they will generate during our annual event. 

There is still time to attend this annual event if you are in Concord, North Carolina, or the surrounding areas! Be sure to check out more information and see how you can participate in this year's auction. With Poulin's Antiques & Auctions at the helm, we know this year's event will be unforgettable!

Who are Poulin's Antiques & Auctions? Learn more about this internationally known firearms auction house from Fairfield Maine on their website, poulinauctions.com.

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