Proposed Ivory Ban effects us all.

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The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service is spearheading an Obama Administration effort to ban all U. S. commercial trade in elephant ivory unless it can be documented as being antique ivory. Most importantly, their new definition of antique is that it must be over 100 years old... read more.

2013 Convention Photos Online

Take a look at the 2013 Colt Convention photos. These pictures are hosted on an external site, so they will open up with a link to return to this site at the top of the page.

Colt Convention Colt Convention Colt Convention Colt Convention

Best of Show Awards 2013

Best of Show this year was awarded to:
John Blickhan - Colt Pistols with Detachable Shoulder Stock

View the full list of the awards for best of show online now.

A heart felt thanks

A heart felt thanks to all of you that are serving in the militaries around the world or have served.

Our respect and gratitude goes to the fallen military heros and their families. Their sacrifice is beyond measure.

We have the freedom we do because of you.

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