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Join Lance Geiger from YouTube's The History Guy as he shares his experience from the 2021 CCA Annual Colt Show & Auction. Here, we appreciate the rich history of Colt Firearms.

A Historical Perspective on Colt Collecting

In anticipation of the All Colt Show & Auction event, our board is excited to share this wonderfully produced video highlighting the 2021 show in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Meet Lance Geiger: He is The History Guy featured on the popular YouTube series of the same name. With over a million subscribers, Lance has developed quite a following as he dives into history several times a week. According to his channel and website, The History Guy covers topics ranging from "aviation history to forgotten battles, historical figures, and more from around the world."

Interested in more from The History Guy? Check out his website to watch more of his videos or listen to his podcasts.

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