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The Rampant Colt Spring 2016

In This Issue:

  • Officer and Director messages
  • Researching your Colt. Some techniques of the Craft, Part One, by Historian Don Jones
  • Collecting the New Police and Pocket Breech Loaders, An Addendum, by Richard Roe
  • Engraved and Special Order Woodsman Pistols, by Robert Rayburn
    Colts are still out there for Discovery, by Richard Burdick
  • The Colt Model 1861 (New Model) Navy, by Robert M. Jordan
  • Publisher Archival Extras
  • A Colt Thompson Machine Gun on both sides of the law – Part 2 or the Rest of the Story, by Craig Blancett
  • Colt’s Company Production of the M16 Rifle in Singapore and South Korea, by John Ogle
  • The Rampant Colt Gallery Selection: Three Colt Model 1862 pistols, one presented by the Colt factory, one presented by Colonel Colt and one of a pair presented to a Captain by the Officers of his regiment.
  • It is interesting to Note…250 Colts Shipped to the South, by Peter Aubin
  • It is interesting to Note…The History of One Colt’s Model S Cut-a-way Pistol, by John Guest
  • Packing Colt Iron – A Civil War soldier holding an early Colt Model 1860 Army revolver with a fluted cylinder, courtesy of Mark Pilley
  • Colt Kiosk
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