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How well do you know your Colt?

The Colt Collectors Association (CCA) presents a fun and challenging opportunity to test your knowledge of Colt firearms and Colt history. Each quarter, the CCA will post a ten-question multiple-choice quiz to the ColtCollectors.com website. For bragging rights as well as the opportunity to a win a year’s membership to the Colt Collectors Association, pony up and take the quiz. Let’s see how much you know!

  • The quiz is open to the general public – anyone may enter!
  • The first contestant to correctly answer all ten (10) quiz questions will win an annual membership to the Colt Collectors Association. Only one membership prize will be awarded per quarterly quiz.
  • Participants must submit their entries to CCAColtQuiz@gmail.com . Submissions to that email address will be reviewed in the order of receipt until a winner is determined.
  • One submission per person per quiz. If a participant does attempt to submit multiple entries from the same or from other email addresses, only the first submission will be accepted.
  • Quiz submission authorizes the CCA to contact collectors via the email address used for submission about Colt Collector Association events and happenings as well as other Colt collecting opportunities.
  • The name of the quiz winner and the quiz answers will be posted on coltcollectors.com approximately 30 days from the date the quiz was initially posted to the website.
  • To be eligible to collect the prize membership, the quiz winner must meet CCA membership criteria, submit a CCA membership application form for review and authorize the posting of their name on coltcollectors.com.
  • If the quiz winner is already a CCA member, they may use the prize membership to extend their current membership. If the winner is a CCA life member, they may choose to donate the membership prize to an eligible person of their choice.
  • Winners may claim only one membership prize per three year/36 month period.
  • Entries must be submitted with CCA Quiz in the subject line and the body must include your name as well as your responses in numerical order as shown in the example below.

Good Luck and have some fun testing your knowledge and maybe learning something new about Colt!

Your decision will be whether to be quick on the trigger or deadly accurate with your responses!